Experience the organizer

Imago is an association with more than 15 years of experience, in Colombia and Barcelona, in the development of social awareness projects. It was founded in Colombia 12 years ago and then moved its activity to Spain, establishing its headquarters in Barcelona. Imago manages projects in the following areas:

1 – International and cultural cooperation for bio-development. Imago works as a liaison organization, especially with Colombia, contributing to building a more equitable and just society. Along these lines, the association has undertaken various projects in Colombia with Fundación Imago Bogotá, directed at children, youth and women. It also develops projects with Asociación Casa del Agua, in Cauca department, where it collaborates on the project to consolidate participation processes to influence communities in the comprehensive management of natural resources. It also collaborates with Fundación Social Colombiana Cedavida on projects in the defense of human rights as an alternative to violence in conflict resolution and to support populations affected by any form of violence, especially gender violence or violence associated with social exclusion.

2 – Raising awareness and education for peaceful coexistence. The association works on the basis of cultural proposals. Work in this area includes its largest awareness project: “Conference for Awareness-Raising”, which saw its 13th edition in 2016.

3 – Coexistence and citizen participation. Imago aims to participate in neighborhoods and in the networks that constitute citizens’ institutional and personal environments. The goal is for individuals to be able to contribute, based on their experience, to improving the quality of life in their surroundings. This type of project is directed at the immigrant population and people of Catalan origin. The idea is for everyone to be able to contribute, with their work, to promoting peaceful coexistence in the world, based on actively rejecting violent solutions. Instead, the conflicts become opportunities for growth and community building based on dialog.

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