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Barcelona, April 27-30, 2016

Our planetary message

We sincerely believe that our motto now is: progress, progress and progress… Maybe, among the shadows and uncertainty that tend to accompany periods of profound historic change like the this one, we can follow the poetic methodology laid out by Antonio Machado: “traveller, there is no path, the path is made by walking”, creating networks, learning from each other, raising awareness and observing existing experiences, building bridges through dialog, recovering elements of the knowledge and wisdom that has been accumulated by humanity, historically and world-wide, but which has been rendered invisible by the dominant paradigms.

We believe that the new paradigm is already in place. We need to give it visibility, reinforce it, encourage its growth from an individual and personal perspective, to a local and a global level, through a dynamic of respectful exchange – from interior life to public life, the economy, politics and ethics. To achieve this contribution, which we all hope to make together, each and every one of us needs to offer the best of ourselves so that this change can become a reality both in our daily lives and in the large-scale scenarios of the economy and political life.

We imagined that working toward a new paradigm for planetary coexistence would be the work of the coming generations, but the future is now, and it is up to all of us who are living in the present.

We believe that all of us have the human potential and the historic reach to change the disastrous course we are on, so the new model of planetary coexistence can be implemented. Because the human race, all living beings and Mother Earth all deserve a different future from the one that we have been plunged into by the anthropocentric model, born of modernity.

We encourage you, as such, to support a different model of planetary coexistence, whose essence is responsibility, respect and care for the entire web of living things in all its manifestations. For all these reasons, we invite you to continue building Biocivilization.

Sandra Campos

Humanist, director of the seminar and IMAGO Association (Barcelona), she holds a degree in Law and Political Science and a postgraduate in “Programs, Projects and City Policies”.

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Work tables


Closing concert

Two different locations

April 27-29

Espai Francesca Bonnemaison

Sant Pere Més Baix, 7


April 30

Plaça Universitat

In the center of the square


Plaça de Catalunya

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We are looking for people with sensitivity and concern for ecology, alter mundistas movements, new economies respectful of life and different practices of resistance or emancipation in Barcelona and around the world. Do you give us a hand?
You can be part dialogue network and collective construction that connects Barcelona with biocivilization movements that are advancing in around the world.
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