The Local and Metropolitan Dimension

The problems connected to the environment, how human beings relate to the plane, are within the scope of action of local governments. The reflections on these issues taking place in different parts of the world are relevant and interesting on the municipal level.

There is no doubt that all of the work related to the environment can only benefit from any kind of activity, like this seminar, that aims to increase awareness levels and promote positive attitudes and behaviors with regard to our surroundings. Awareness and commitment from citizens is necessary to make bold policies possible, for example, in the area of public transportation.

Lastly, as a specific feature of this year’s edition, the accent is placed on the local context, a reflection on the local government with the potential to generate alliances with citizens’ networks. The fact that global justice movements are addressing a local reflection on global governance, and from Barcelona – a city with a historical commitment to international causes and an active and decisive promoter of international city movements, which is also the headquarters for the main municipal organizations – can be of great importance for the future. By bringing together reflections rooted in alter-globalization and reflections from global municipal policy and specific local practice, we understand that we are opening future doors that can be very fruitful. A territory to explore, where Barcelona and other Catalan cities can make important contributions and obtain serious benefits.

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